Secret course

One of my colleague is taking a very interesting course lately, she keep it such a secret that raised my curiosity. It took me quite a while to guess the correct answer. My first guess is language and second guess is singing, both are not right. She gave me some hints but they are quite ambiguous. It is related to music, need to use the mouth, does require any body movement, and it is not a musical instrument. It turn out she is taking the DJ training course offered by the local Chinese radio station. We all question her is that a bit too old to be a DJ, but she said someone is older than her in the class. If she pass the final exam, she will assign a time slot in twilight to start with. I think it would be fun to express yourself through the airwaves, even though there ain’t many audiences. At one point back then, since I like talking so much, I thought of applying for DJ as well. I did joined the Chinese radio station in Waterloo for a term. The radio only broadcast 2 hours a week in Sunday afternoon. Since the time is so inconvenient, and lack of audience, I didn’t last long enough to get my own time slot. I think my voice sounds quite good over the radio, kinda like the voice of the famous DJ Ngan Lun Mo in HK.

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