It was Jason’s birthday today, we go to have dinner in Richmond to celebrate his big day, then head to Jason’s place to continue the party. The night was fun, we had karaoke, mahjong, poker and lots of beer. Out of co-incident, it is Steven’s girlfriend’s birthday too. Steven made several cheese cake to share with everyone. I had a good time until the moment I go home and open the door. I found out Charlie had shited in the living room. The ground zero is stink like hell. I instantly waked up from my half drunk state. I called Pat for help at once. She instructed me how to clean up the most disgusting I had ever clean up. After almost 20 minutes of hard work, the stains almost go away. I have to clean it one more time after the carpet is dry off tomorrow. To punish the bad behavior of Charlie, I’m going to lock him outside tonight. The moral of this story is never leave the dog unattended inside the house. Should not have any mercy of locking it outside and let it shive in cold when you are away.

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