I was shopping for shoes today. I want to get a hiking boot for World Youth Day, but couldn’t find the one I usually wear. I have been wearing the Nike ACG hiking boot for many years, changed 4 pairs in the same series. Somehow I couldn’t find it in any shops, I heard from the sales that the selling season of hiking boots starts in fall. I got remember to buy a pair next time I see it. So I have to order one online, I think it could delivery on time before I leave Vancouver. I couldn’t get a hiking boot today, but I got my first sandals. It’s also a Nike ACG series and it’s on sale. On top of that, I got myself a pair of new sleepers. The one I am wearing is so wear off the lower half came off. Since I am not a girl, I don’t need shoes as fashion. Man only wear shoes for its functions. I was thinking how many shoes do I actually need. Here is a list: Nike ACG hiking boot for daily wear, Sandals for outdoor use, Nike Sneaker for causal wear, Nike in-door court shoe for badminton, Dr. Martin black boot, Clarkes for formal wear, Soccer shoe, Golf shoe, All-star clothes shoe for summer and steel-toe just in case. That’s it.

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