Cell phone

I forgot to bring my cell phone to work in two consecutive days. I have a habit put all the stuff I have to bring everyday in one spot, and put everything into my pockets in the morning blindly. If I don’t see the thing, there is a high chance I forget to bring it. Let me count how many items I have to gear up before walking out the door. There are wallet, coin purse, home keys, car key, cell phone, eye glasses, watches and palm. The problem is that I put my stuff on the right hand side of the monitor, while the cell phone has to placed on the left hand side to recharge. I can’t simply put everything on the left hand side since it does not have enough space. There is no easy solution to this problem, not until I move back to my own place where everything is nicely arranged. For the mean time, I just have to remind myself about the cell phone every morning.

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