The schedule of the project at work is really bad. My part has been slipped for almost 3 weeks already. I suppose to have 1.5 months to verify my block before I take off for vacation. However my work depends on the deliverable from other team members. Both the RTL design and the testbench components are late and cause a cascade effect to my schedule. Now I only have a little more than 2 weeks before my vacation and those parts are still not working. Today I got another release from Saskatoon, but it turn out the code is so buggy that it is unusable. It seems the first milestone of flushing out the datapath has to wait until I come back from Germany. The managers keep saying my block is not on the critical path so it can slip a bit. I hope the schedule will not get out of control and put me in the hot seat when it’s time to tape out.

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