I cannot stand long hairs, especially in the forehead. When hair gets into my eyes, they will get watery and red, make me very uncomfortable. I was hoping to get a haircut before I leave for Germany, but couldn’t find the time for the past week. Today when I and Pat were shopping at Superstores, I found that a barbershop there. It is one of those cheap Salon you can find in every mall. The haircut for man is really cheap, only cost ten bucks. I thought I only want to cut it short, not going to worry to much about the style, so why don’t I give it a try. That place gave me a feeling of the old style shanghai barbershop I went to when I was a kid. After you sat down, the first thing the barber is use the electric shaver trim off all the excess hairs. Then switch to comb teeth scissors to roughly cut out the shape and have some layering. At least give a final touch with a smaller electric razor. That is very different from the mans only salon I go to, which start with shampooing, head massage and then careful trim your hair bit by bit. Today my haircut is finished in less than half an hour. I am quite satisfy with the service and the price, although my look is a bit odd. Couldn’t complain much since that place is mostly for older man.

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