Today had been a long day. I woke up at seven to be the groomsmen of Stuart. Although I am friend to both Maggie and Stuart, I still have no idea why he pick me. Anyways, the morning starts with some fun. The brotherhood first met up at Westwood Plateau and drive to the bride’s house. It the first time my car is used as a flower car for the bridesmaid. The capture the bride part is quite easy, just some push ups, peel apple and lemon without breaking the skin, and some mushy singings. It is great to try out my new camera. I am not used to it, and couldn’t believe it’s my own camera. I must have been using my old crappy digital camera for too long. I drove a lot today, back and forth between Coquitlam and Burnaby several times. The ceremony is at Our Lady of Fatima. Pat was the choir director and played piano after the pianist left too early. As usual I fell asleep during the homily, but I am not the only one, all three groomsmen fell asleep too. It’s really a long and tried day. After church, Pat went to shopping with Verona, while I have to company the wedding party for some more pictures. The bandquet is held at Westwood Plateau golf club. The environment is really nice. The golf club drove us to photo spots using golf carts and prepare drinks and healthy finger food at the spot. The dinner is western style buffet, which is much better than I had expected, at least I can enjoy almost every single dish. I took a lot of pictures with Pat there, the sce nery is really nice looking over the baconley. We got asked the question when will be ours so many times that I don’t know what to answer. Even Brother Ho make fun of us by drawing cross of the marriage ritural in front of us. The only down side of today’s event is I forgot to ask for a silk flower instead of real flower. I suspect my allergy on my face is all due the flower pinned to my suit. Pop a pill of reacton and lots of water before sleep should cure it overnight.

There is an interesting romantic side story. It seems my friend Verona is very attactive just as Pat says. Although I found it hard to use this adjective on her as I see her everyday at work and none of our gang treat her as a girl. However, every time I see her in a wedding, there are always guys trying to get to know her. I really wish her luck this time. Maybe she could even beat Ivy on leaving the single status. Mmm…. That would make a very good bet. My money is on Verona for sure.

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  1. M&S’s wedding was great! Wondering why you fell asleep in both the mass and banquet while ppl were MCing? (no no *pointing fingers*, other 2 groomsmen didn’t fall asleep with you… at least not in the banquet! and they’re both not Catholics, if they closed their eyes due to boredom, that’s understandable~ but you……… and it’s only half mass that day too)

    Anyway, Mr. Wilson was making fun of you while you were asleep… same with Rona! (at diff times though) **Your forensic evidence can be found in both of their cameras. Thank you!**

    No, you didn’t help out as a yi-hei groomsman… but yeah, it’s good that you’ve become a red-thread-leung-leung for Stuart’s friends! **patting your shoulders… yeah, kwau nei la!**

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