Foosball is a game that mimic the action of football in a table. I used to play it once awhile in univeristy, but I am never good at it. Back from my vacation I found that PMC had made a game room after rennovation, and it has foosball and table tennis. Everyday at lunch time and after work, there is a big crowd playing in the game room. Today I finally lay my hand on the foosball table. I partnered with Jason, and lost big time. I even scored one goal for the other team. Chris and Alfred is not doing very good either. Tonight, the gang decided to practice foosball at Jackson’s place after dinner. We played foosball for the whole night. I slowly discover the skill of how to play it well. One mistake of beginner is trying to hard to chase the ball and having too much unplanned reactive shots. The ability to stop and control the ball is the key to win, second to that is the strength of shots. My shots are weak on strenght since my left waist can’t really twist fast enough to deliver a powerful kick. However I companse my weakness with strategies. I focus on the players of my opponents instead of the ball, which is bigger and easier to follow. Still I need more practice on my reaction time and ball control. Too bad that my chess buddies at work are not addicted to this game. I guess I will be hooked to this game at work for a while until the novelity wears off.

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