Imperfect Crime

There is an unusual news happened in HK this week. A step mother hire her ex-boyfriend and gangsters to slay her step son, out of the jealous of her husband having affairs with other woman. This case has made headline news for several days. Finally police gather enough evidence to catch the wicked woman. The hitman are amatures, they leave many traces behind in the scene. The weapon is tracable and the escape car is also identified. When plan a murder, buying a new marlee knife and hire off duty taxi is definitely not a good idea. Although the police had placed the executors under watch, it is much harder to catch that woman, although almost everyone in HK had guessed she is the one make the order. If there is not enough evidence, the gangsters can take all the charges in court and leave that woman guilty free. After a week of interrogation by the police, she finally make a deadlymistake today by paying the gangster their dues through a bank. Once the link between her and the those who carry out the act is established, the police has enough evidence to put her behind the bars. There are always risk in hiring people to carry out the job. The weakest link is the reliability of hitman and the method of payment. That’s why in all murder mysterous stories, the crime is always commited by the killer himself. There is not much exciting detective element in tracing the momentary link behind the scenes to lure readers in the plot. On a second thought, that reminds me an article I read from BBS new. If that woman is living Congo instead of HK, she could save all these troubles. She can simpily declare her step son is processed by demons and the village priest (mostly of the time are christian pastors) will take care of the rest.

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