Rest at home

I took a sick leave and rested at home today. I think I am still not totally recovered from the super cold germs I got from Germany. After resting alot last night and cleaning up my home today, I feel a bit better. I also cooked my first dinner in over 3 months, finally my life can go back to normal. Pat is also sick, probably we caught the same germs in Europe. I was pretty ok last week, I thought I am already recovered. However, I was chilled awake over the weekend when Pat was away in the camp, and she forgot to leave me any bankets by locking up all the bedrooms. I end up have to sleep on the couch rather than sleeping in the cold basement. I was not feeling too well since then. I didn’t get enough rest for the camp site visit and meeting friends from the States in the following days. I thought I am ok on tuesday when I go to work, but end up have to leave early and visit a doctor. I hope I will get better tomorrow after resting at home all day without leaving the door. Moreover, my home is much more tidy now.

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