iPod, boat curise

I still don’t feel too well today. Therefore I didn’t go to the boat curise of my department, I rather stay home and have some rest. Moreover, I don’t think it would be very fun stuck in a shitty boat for 3 hours while it is raining outside. There isn’t much to see in the False Creek anyways.

Apple has relesaed a new version of iPod, iPod nano, which use flash memory instead of harddrive. I was talking to colleagues today about how inconvinient the iPod shuffle is, and I had mentioned maybe I would buy a iPod mini for cheap since this line will be discontinued. Anson said he wanted to get the new iPod nano and may sell his 2 months of iPod mini for cheap. He made a big mistake engraved his name at the back of his iPod mini, that will lower its resell value by a lot. The engraving is for free if order directly from Apple online. We had concluded it must a scam of Steve Jobs to kill the 2nd hand market of iPod. Normally, people don’t want to use something with someone else’s name on it. I won’t mind if it is cheap enough, or I am still fine with the iPod shuffle, I don’t listen to much mp3 these days anyways.

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