Car Service

I took my car to regular service today. The appointment was at 9:30a.m. in the morning, but when I got up at 8:00a.m., I felt like want to sleep more, so I call the service center and reschedule the appointment to 1:00p.m. Since the service center moved to Coquitlam, whenever I take my car to service, I have to wait there for a few hours while they are checking my car. I had lunch at the nearby Mcdonald’s and have a cup of Latte at Starbuck, read the free newspaper provided by them. This afternoon was quite relaxing, when I get a pocket of time that I can’t spend it doing anything else. I finished a small book called Slow-down therapy, kinda match the theme of today. After I picked up my car, I found it runs more smoothly. I guess the servicing really did some work. My next service is in next March, I guess spending an relaxing afternoon doing nothing is not too bad every half a year. My car need maintance, my mind also need some maintance. I decided to use the regular car service as a chance to give some reflection to my life in the future.

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