Boyfriend standard

I wonder what makes a guy good enough to be a boyfriend, this question is posed when a friend of mine has trouble with her relationship. From my first impression, I thought the guy is pretty decent. But with more information from my friend, apparently he only has the outer shell that the inside is not quite up to standard. I told my friend that she can buy low and hold him for long term. While this guy has so many problem, she can fix them one by one like debugging some RTL code. Her response is it doesn’t worth the effort if she doesn’t get the title. I think in the end, it’s a problem of trust in the relationship.

On the other hand, sometimes having too good of inner character may not be a good thing. This is a true story. The boyfriend of a Pat’s friend decided to dump his girlfriend after the World Youth Day. The reason is he had the vocation call from God and decided to be a priest. I guess it really hard to accept this break up reason. If the guy leave you for another girl, you can still comfort yourself saying that girl maybe prettier, sexier. The guy choose celebrancy instead of a girl is as shocking as he is gay. How can you accept losing to a guy, or even worse, losing to merely an abstract concept?

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