Second chance

Once made up his mind, many people never go back to revisit his decision. Just like once we black-listed a resturant, we never go back to visit it again. I remember when I first start working at PMC, we tried out different resturants close to work every week. Out of various reason, the group, as a collected conscious, stop going to one resturant after another. Gradually the resturant list has shrinked to the only a few visited places. Occasionally, we try out the new resturants, but usually the new one are not attractive enough to make us break out of the habit only going to the default ones. I like to go to a Korean resturant on North road, but this resturant is black listed by the group due to limited selection of food and the price. I havn’t eat there for quite a while. Today, I have the chance to pick where to have lunch. So I decided to go there again. To my surprise, the resturant has changed hand and has a new menu. The lunch combo is only $4.99, which comes with small side dishes, a large portion main dish served on hot place and dessert. The few came with me today all agree this resturant is good enough to enter the default list. The moral of this story is that we have to give a black-listed resturant a second chance, you may find pleasure surprise. This principle can also apply to people. Sometimes we may discover something by giving a second chance to someone we havn’t forgiven.

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