Mid-autumn festival

Today is mid-autumn festival. Living in Canada, I don’t feel much festival mood here. The main reason is the next day is not a public holiday like in Hong Kong. It is nothing special about a festival if it’s not a holiday. I don’t like eating moon cake very much. I remeber when I was a little kid, I like it alot. Probably the freshness of moon cake wears out or it is simply moon cake is good with peer pressure. Tonight we went to Pat’s friend’s place BBQ. It’s quite nice to spend the night with some friends, although I bearly know those people and the talks are so superficial to a point it is very boring. The only highlight is her friend’s place has a small golden retriver. I found playing with the dog is more interesting than talk to someone neither of us had no intention become a deeper friends. The BBQ dinner is very fulfilling with lots of food and several different kinds of moon cake. After dinner, her friend suggest watch a movie, so we end up watched an 2 years old rerun. Some of us were very tried and very eager to go home, but we all waited politely for the end of the movie and dash out in no time. Why can’t we call it a day while we had a good time, it is better than waste another 2 hours staying together just for the sake of staying together.

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