Default resturant closed

Today when we went to lunch at Mui Garden, to our surprise it is closed. There is a notice on the door saying it is under renovation for a few days due to small fire in the kirchen. We lost our number one default place to have lunch. That will cause us some headache in deciding where to go this week. So we went to Tofu shop across the road, where we havn’t been for quite a while. While we were eating, we were speculating the real result of Mui Garden is closed. It would be surprise if it is the city order it to close due to hygiene problem. No resturant owner with right mind will post that reason out on its door, that will scare the customers away. I tried to search the website of the Burnaby health deparment, but I could find a list of resturant it had warned. I think the government should let this information easily accessible to the public to give us better protection.

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