Wine and cheese

For the first time, my group of friends at work had organized something that interested Pat. We had been saying to have a wine and cheese party for quite quite, and this Thanksgiving weekend I push it to become reality. The most important thing is the wine and cheese, which is taken care of by Steven who is our culinary expert. Jackson offer to host the party and Ivy taken care of the sushi dinner and head counts as usual. Steven bought six bottle of wine, three white, three red to the party. He also prepared matching cheese, bread, biscuits and dry fruit. We played foosball, pool and NHL 06 while tasting the wine. Steven also gave us a brief tutorial on wine pairing. The principle is very simple, strong taste wine pair with strong taste food, vice versa. After the wine tasting they start the poker game, but I have to go home early since Pat is getting tried. The party is very fun, much better than just the usual eat and then gamble party. Most important, Pat enjoy coming along to try something new and play with snowball.

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