Pat made a very tasty thanksgiving dinner tonight. It has salad, turkey, grill mushroom and japanese tea rice, quite an interesting combination. After dinner, I baked cookies for the WYD auction, where each of us promised to take turn and bake two dozen of cookies each month for a whole year. It is my first time making cookies, I cheated a bit by using ready made doughs bought from super market. The only thing I did was use cookie cutter to make the shape. The first dozen looks pretty good, it has two kinds, round and heart shape. The second dozen is looks quite odd, since I underestimated the expansion of the cookie in the oven. The cookies turned out filling all the empty spaces on the plate and pressing each other. Oh well, although the shape is irregular, the second dozen actually taste better, because I used a named brand instead of Superstore brand in the first dozen. Last month Pat baked some really fancy pretzel-like cookies and raised the bar of our donor’s expectation. This month my first-time cookies should set the standard of our donor back to normal.

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