This weekend I had done lots of dancing. Last night was the Okotoberfest dance and dinner at St. Mary. The dinner is just so-so, and there were lots of old folks and Phillipines in the event. There were dance after the dinner, social dance music then followed by disco music. I am not very fond of disco style, but quite interested in ballroom dancing. Me and Pat danced for the few steps we had learnt. Pat forced me to dance the steps we havn’t learnt yet and got me upset. She then apply her psychology skills trying to analyze why I refuse to dance blindlessly without knowing the proper steps. She keep saying it must be related to my shadow that I had fell pretty bad on my very first social dance lesson back in university day. The fall was true, but it is not the reason. I don’t want to dance unknown steps just because it looks stupid. She says I can dance whatever style I like, no one cares about my bad dancing. However she contradicts herself instantly by not letting me dance like Rain, the gay Korean singer.

Today we finally had picked up our social dance lesson again. We learnt the first lessson of Jive. With the help of my new dancing shoes, I am more confidence in dancing. I am ok in remembering the steps and moves, but still very weak in counting beats. I need more to pratice beats counting espeically during complication moves. I can only handle either one.

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