Prep meeting

I have a full day Prep meeting from 9:30a.m. to 3:30p.m. today. Time is so tight that I have to have my lunch in the meeting room, but we still couldn’t finish all the Preps. Prep is the short form of Problem REPorts, which is a database to keep track of all the issues discovered in the design cycle. Before tape-out, which means the chip is done, all the known issues has to be resolved, problems either fixed or dropped. The block I am assigned to is a so-called resuable block, but it is more like salvage code from the previous project. We are going to tape-in in two weeks and it’s time for us to go thru all the open Preps one by one and determine the couse of action for each of them. The meeting is long but productive, I have a better handling of how much work leave for the next two weeks. The only complain is that is very boring. I volutuneered to bring some snacks next time, so we can have chips while talking about chips.

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