First match

Today I have my first foosball match with Johnathan Gay’s team. I am partnering with Anson. The tournament has 5 preliminary round, play one game each one, today is the first game. We did quite well today, beat the other team 2-0 games. We could win two games straight, but let them caught up with us with a 4-2 lead. My skill is still on the beginer level. Although I am playing offensive, I still shot the ball backward by mistake sometimes. There are many better than beginner player in the novice league, because the players in the expert are really crazy. There is no way to win a match against those guys who can score before I have a chance to touch the ball. We’ll see how the tournament turns out, my only concern is the foosball may not last that long from the abuse every day. Some plastic players already have stress mark on the legs. It seems everyone who use that foosball table want to be the one who break the first leg.

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