Flat tire

I had a really bad day today. On my way to work, I hit the curb and resulted in two flat tires on the right side of my car. If it is only 1 flat tire, I could change the spare tire myself, but I couldn’t help when there are 2 flat tires. I called BCAA to tow the car to the nearest tire shop. I was not the BCAA member, so I have to join it right on the spot. I explicitly told them I had 2 flat tires afraid that they will send the service truck instead of the tow truck. I had waited for 45 minutes before the service truck arrived, which can’t provide much help. Then I have to wait for another 30 minutes for the tow truck. The service of both the truck drivers are excellent, they are friendly and very helpful. We all agreed that it is the dispatch center’s fault to send the wrong truck. Luckily my tires are bought at Canadian Tire and have life time warrenty. Can Tire replaced the two unrepariable tires just for $16 warrently fee. Able to saved two hundred dollars for a pair of new tires, I am not too upset at the end of the day.

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