Last night was Halloween, and I was stuck at home working on my CTM#3 speech. No halloween party for me this year, I guess I am already too old for that.

My speech today is not too bad, the title is “Say no to package tour”. In the speech I first outline the bads about package tour, then offers three tips on how to plan your own vacation. First is try not to pack too many cities into the schedule, second is get a good tourist book, and third is learn the language. I tried not to use the notes, but due to lack of practice, I forgot some of the points when I was up there. I have cut down alot on my the um and ah, but still need to work on pauses and repeat sentence. My hand gesture and eye contacts seems ok, just have to remember be more relax next time. I found that I will start getting nervous when I begin to forget my next line. This problem can be lumped with the lack of pratice. The biggest improvement I have made is on timing and speech organization. Three pages of draft is about right for a five minutes speech.

I am one of the keeners keeping up with the progress of my toastmaster program. I want to keep up with the the leading pack in completing of my CTM speeches. No one had make their CTM#4 speech yet, so my goal is not to fall behind too much from the most advanced person.

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