Shark fin

Hong Kong University just annouced the ban shark fin from the resturants inside its campus, and make a policy it that shark fin cannot claim for dining expenses for guests. I think the school is bowing down to the green pressure groups. Everyone knows shark fin is a traditional chinese delicacy, almost an insperatable part of all Chinese banquet. There are international treaties control the fishing for sharks, and make it illegal to fish some rare shark species. The government should enforce the law on illegal shark fin trades, which should be enough to protect the shark population. I can understand HKU exclude shark fin form dining expense out of buget consideration. However, forbid the campus resturant sell shark fins in the contract over use its power and violate spirit of the invisible hand. Another than HKU, Disney also forbid the selling of shark fin inside their theme parks. All the big business or organization are afraid of image trashing campage of those activity groups. Those groups make big noises and grep news headlines, but they rarely able alter the view of a consumer with economical senses and critical mind. Those groups can only appeal to the overly emotional public who got brainwashed by their mis-information. The best tactics to deal with those groups are educate the the public as well as those fat, dumb executives.

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