Cancer forum

This afternoon I went to a pulblic forum organized by the BC Cancer Agency. It was part of a bigger cancer conference. The forum are mostly talks and information booths on cancers for patients and families. The forum is held at downtown harbour front Westin hotel. We missed the morning session because we have dancing class from 11:00a.m. to 12:30a.m. Between the dance class and the talks, we went to have lunch at a tea house right next to the Westin hotel. That place serves very fine chinese tea. I ordered a pot of green peak dragon well, it’s the best dragon well tea I have drunk. I like the taste of dragon well, a light favour green tea, but can’t find in normal chinese resturants.

The only two talks we made to is about alternative medication and online information about cancer. The first talk is quite infromative, it listed many common alternative treatments, their pros and cons, and also how to judge whether a treatment works for you. Althought I don’t really believe in any alternative therapy except traditional chinese herb tea. The second one is pretty much a demostration on how to navigation the BCCA website. I am surprised there are so many well organized health information on their website. I just realize how little I know about health information in general. There must be similiar health society websites on allegeries and asthma. I gota set a few days aside, go and read all the infromation on the the diseases have immediate effect on myself. I realize here in Canada, you can’t rely on the doctor. It is best to have the knowledge to diagnoise your own problem, lookup for possible therapies then ask the doctor for their expertise.

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