Ever lasting light

Tonight I got dragged by Pat to watch a fund raising musical organized by my church. Yes, it’s from my church, CMCC in Richmond, but somehow I am not aware of it. There must be something wrong about their promotion or simply I don’t to CMCC often enough. The musical is better than I expected, but still kinda boring in general. The first act is quite interesting, the angels are cute, the scene with travellers waiting at the airport is quite funny. I think that is the only part in the whole musical which is original, and raised my expectation for the show. Then the play turns south starting on the second act. The next four acts are modular components that are out-sourced to different groups in the church. Each group responsibles for 3 dances or songs, then mininal interaction with the travellers to keep the plot going. Indeed, this is probably most efficient way to involve everyone from the church in the show. Alas, I feel misleaded. This supposes to be a musically, not a variable show in disguised. Oh well, what can I expect from a church event? The only comfort is the Peking duck dinner before the show, green tea ice-cream and green tea latte after the show are very nice. Nope, meal and dessert are not included with the show.

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