The winter has finally came to Vancouver. In a cold winter morning, it is very hard to me to get up from my warm bed. When I woke up, I just want to stay in the bed for another moment. Sometimes I will even fall back into sleep for a little longer. The most cruel way to wake someone up in this cold weather is take his blanket away, expose him in the chilly cold air. The battle of fighting for the blanket is vigorous enough to garuntee a complete wakeup.

Other than the lack of will to get up in the morning, having hotpot is another feature of the winter. Me and Pat went to Graville hotpot in crystal mall last night. Other than the price is a bit expensive, I actually quite like that resturant. The resturant is very crowded, but luckily we went early so we don’t have to wait in line. We ate the hotpot dinner relaxly, sat in the resturant for almost 2.5 hours. I didn’t order the usualy beef slices because Pat don’t really like eating beef. We had lamb slices, ostrich meat and goose intestine, items that you can’t find in the menu of all-you-can-eat hotpot places. The portion is quite big, make two of us really stuffed. The best part of the dinner is the hotpot soup base, not the orignal clear or satay broth. It was balsam pear with pig stomach, very tasty but not cheap. I never had goose intestine in hotpot before, I really like the texture, kinda chewy. I rather spend a bit more and have better food, than going to all-you-can-eat resturant trying to stuff as much as I can with cheap food. This is the my philosophy of less is more. I rather have less in quatity, but have more in quality. This philosophy not only applies to dining out, also applies to traveling as well.

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