Dog washing

I have promised to help Pat wash Charlie this weekend. Due to different reasons, this task is procastinated until the last day of the long weekend. We started the battle after dinner. With a hind sight, we made the right decision having dinner first, or we won’t have enough energy to wash Charlie. Charlie dislike taking shower, probably from trauma when he was a puppy. Pat’s mom used to spray cold water at backyard to wash Charlie. We exhausted all our methods to make him step into the shower. Pat tryed talk him in patiently, I tried to bride him in using treats, but all our tricks are useless. Charlie just refuse to go inside. At last, we resolve it by force, I carried his legs and Pat carried his front, move him into the shower. Charlie is a very big dog with long hair, it used half a bottle of shampoo. Pat was doing the grooming, and I guard outside the shower to prevent Charlie escape. It took us almost an hour and half to finish washing him. After the shower, I dry Charlie using hair dryer. Charlie seems not very happy about having to take a shower, he didn’t laugh as usual when we dry him. It is really a lot of work to shower a dog, the $50 fee charged by Petcera seems not very high after I had experience dog washing first hand.

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