Sucide bomber

I was reading the news today about the failed sucide bomber in Jordan. The bomber is an iraqi woman, she, her husband and two other man bombed a wedding in Jordan. Her husband’s bomb detonated and killed 57 people in the hotel ballroom. Her bomb failed to detonated, and she caught by the police. In the news was her interview by the persecutor, in which she mentioned that after her bomb failed to detonated, her husband pushed her out of the room before his bomb expoded. This is the part of story I don’t understand. If they had already make up their mind to die for what stupid reason, why the husband want to save her life after her bomb had failed. Would it make any difference if they die together from the same bomb? Make a choice between life or death is a big decision, once she had make up her mind, she should not a second thought that easy. If at the very last moment, she still have doubt about her decision, wouldn’t it be to call it off? The mind of sucide bomb is something a sane person can never understand. If someone act in such unhuman manner, totally lack of reasoning in his own will, the society should response to them and deprive their rights of human being as well.

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