The morale of the day is never act stupid at work, or within a day the whole company will know about you. Today there is only one topic among my friends at work, both the cantonese group and the CBC group I hang out with. I will not mention the incident here and removed any trace of it in my blog upon the request of those who are involved. For those who already known what I talk about, it is really funny indeed. I have always keep a very simple rule about my secrets. If it is something I truly don’t want anyone to know about, I simply won’t telling anyone about it. As described in the 2nd law of thermal dynamics, energy tends to spread out naturally. The larger the surface area, the faster the heat dissipate. We all know information is a form of energy and energy can be expressed as heat. On a second thought, maybe this incident is not meant to be a secret, maybe it is a story that should goes around and give people some enlightenment. I even post the story as an example of how to ruin a date on the internet forum I go to.

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