Foosball Tournament Playoff

I can’t believe me and Anson got into playoff round of the foosball tournament. We joined the novice league and to our surprise, we ranked number 4 out fo 12 teams. I had never play foosball until PMC has installed one in the game room. For the past few months, I have became quite skillful by playing a game or two almost every day. Although my level is still far behind those experts, but I had made significant improvement. My weakness area is the ball handling skill, I still can’t stop and gain control of the ball. My shooting and aiming is average, I can do a push shot pretty well, but need to work on the pull shot. My most pround skill is the 5-bar shots. Actually I think I am the first one who start using it regularly in PMC. I got the idea from the debate whether or not make the 5-bar goals illegal. If it is something almost illegal, it is something worth to look into. Since I piloted the use of 5-bar, people start copying this technique. Someone even develope strategy to block 5-bar shots and make it less effective. I have to think about how to put a new twist in the 5-bar shots.

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