Dual monitors

The story begins a few months ago when Uncle Bob, our CEO, sit at our table during lunch time. We ran out of topics to entertain him and I brought up the idea of having dual monitors will increase productive. I have been trying to get two monitors for a long time but due to the rigid IT policy, I have no luck so far. After the conversation, I forwarded him the research paper on larger screen and productivity, done by ATI, NEC and Micrsoft (the motivation is quite obvious) I don’t expect it will bear any fruit, but no harm try anyways. Then a month later two LCD monitors shows up in my cube one morning. I got an email from the IT department saying I am participate in the dual montors trial program, which it seems I am the only participant. Since then I heard nothing from the IT about this issue, I figured out they just give me two monitors to shut me up.

Last week after the stuff update, I saw another team member talking to Bob about the disappearing of the word Christmas in the company. Somehow I feel I should talk to Bob again about dual monitors. He is surprise to hear that nothing is happening, and he assure me he will follow up on this since it will definitely increase productivity and moral. The result is I have an meeting with the VP of the IT department this morning. He asked me to give feedback about the benefits on dual monitors. Of course I highly praise the use of dual monitor. Since the VP himself is an engineer, he totally understand my concern. However he said that he need some numbers to justify the cost of getting a second monitor to the CFO to get his approval. Getting a second monitor for every engineer cost 300k, quite a large amount. I thinked for a while, then I proposed to calculate the cost of a second monitor in reverse. Here is the equation:

350 (cost of the monitor) / 3 (years to depreciation) / 200 (work days per year) / 50 (average hourly wage of an engineer) = ~1 minute (the time need to be save per day to justify the cost of the 2nd monitor)

Having a second monitor definitely save more than 1 minute per day, and therefore it is justified. The VP told me that once he get the approval from CFO, he can start company wide deployment next month. I feel I had done something really good for all my fellow colleagues.

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