Thesis completed

After a year of struggles, espeically the plainful process of writing out the research work, my thesis is finally completed. It is a 55 pages report that contributes to my master degree. I just sent out the thesis to my supervisor for review. I expect there will be some minor updates in the thesis, but there shouldn’t be any major rework, since I have been meeting with Dr. Hardy to report my progress every week. I will schedule my defense in mid January, and after that I am finally graduated. I have been spent 4 years in studying my master degree, where some of my friends are graduating in merely 2 years. Partly is due to I choose to work on my own research instead of turning a PMC document into a M.Eng report, and partly due to the fact that I am lazy. I don’t know my work is good enough for a M.ASc degree or not, althought it is pretty much the same stuff I have been working on. Anyways, I am happy with a M.Eng degree and getting a paper published would be a bonus nice to have. Now, I have to think about what should I do next for my life.

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