Second day of Whislter

Today I went to Whislter again with my friends from Toronto and Pat. I am not very tired today, since I stay with Pat all the time on the green runs. Pat has kept up with her snowboarding skill, she is doing pretty good on wide green runs, even blue runs. Her biggest problem is on narrow green runs which connect different parts of the mountain. She is scared to made turn on the narrow run, afraid she will fall off to the cliff. It is very tried and hard to control if not changing edge from time to time. I think Pat has the skills already, just she havn’t overcome her fear. The only way to work on this problem is by taking snowboarding lessons. I can’t convince her to try turning even I can demostrate it is safe to make turns on those narrow runs. There is some woman only snowboard clinic in Whislter in Febuary, maybe I should sign her up in one of those sessions. I need to take skiing lessons myself too, I have reached the plateau of just practising by myself. It is time for me to reconsider taking CSIA level 1 again, but I need some professional opinions from ski instructors on my chance of succeed first.

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