Vancouver tour

Today I showed my friends around the town by sky train, since I don’t want to drive between two days going to Whislter. One of them had visited Vancouver many years ago, he really missed the osyter in Lansdale Quay, so we went there for lunch. Fortunately the osyter shop is still around and he had a dozen of fresh osyters, almost clean all the osysters in the shop. Then we tried something I had never done before, took a bus going to Vancouver downtown thru the Lions gate bridge. Then, there is a standard vancouver download tour start with Mondo Gelato, then walk along the English Bay. The guy also missed the steam clock in gas town, so I have to take him there fore photos. I don’t really understand what’s so interesting about the steam clock, especially when it is broken at the moment. We had dinner at Guu, and I am surprise they never had izakaya in Toronto. After dinner, we ran out of things to do and end up going to Metrotown. Then we have to call it a day, since we all need a good rest preparing for the 2nd visit to Whistler tomorrow.

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