I brought Pat’s family to have oyster in Longsdale Quay today. The oyster bar is introduced by Leon, who visited me over the Christmas. He had really good oyster there a few years ago in Vancouver, it tastes so good that he can’t forget it all those years. The oyster bar in the Longsdale Quay is really good, cheap deal with high quality. Half a dozen of oyster shooters only cost $10. I like using the word shooters to describe fresh oyster. You can really shot the oyster down your throat like a drink. I don’t like oyster much, and somehow I always suspecious about I am allegic to it or not. I remeber I used to eat dry oyster congee when I am small. So I tried half a oyster and see my reaction. I think I am ok with osyters, I don’t feel anything wrong, except have to go to washroom after a while. Maybe I will try eating a fresh oyster nex time, everyone seems to enjoy it so much.

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