Beer bet

I have made a bet with my colleagues on the number of releases of the subsystem we are working on when the project is done. I am quite pessimistic and guessed the highest number. It turn out my guess is right on, it really take 20 releases to fix all the bugs in the subsystem. So they lost the bet and have to buy me a beer. Our team when to the student pub at SFU to have beer and nachos, since of my colleagues have to get a textbook from the SFU bookstore. All of us were students of SFU, the oldest one had graduated over ten years, and he said it is the first time he go to the pub since graduated. We chatted about the school days and talked about all sorts of stuff. We all agreed that thou shalt not date an engineering girl. I had a bottle Belgium white beer, which was really good. I like making bets on various things, but don’t like having money involved, win a drink or a meal is more fun. I will keep the bet on tape-out release number as a tradition on all my future projects. Back in the old days, betting was one of my tricks to ask a girl out. Just bet a dinner with the targetted girl, then you lost a bet but win a date!

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