Tomorrow is the federal election of Canada. Out of the three parties, NDP is the one I like least. It’s policy is too far into the left, held hostage by the unions and tends to harm the middle classes. The name NDP almost equal to more tax more welfare, which only the poors can benefit. I am indifference to the economy policy of the Liberal and Conservative, both looks pretty much the same to me, maybe there are minor difference here and there. Liberal has been in rule for too long and suffer from the common problems of all long-time ruling parties. Conservative seems a good choice except I hate they play the gay-marriage card. I oppose to gay-marriage myself, but I oppose letting single-issue pressure group hijack the election even more. Out of no choices, I will probably vote Liberal again, at least it is the devil I am familiar with. However from the pre-election survey, it seems the Conservative will have a minor government this time. In another word, which means we will have yet another election in a year or two.

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