post baccalaureate

In order to take courses in SFU, one must register in an acedemic program, either credit or non-credit. Since I am looking into what to study after my M.Eng degree, I need to register into a program. Having a ph.d. is one of my goal, but probably not in the area of engineering as it is too differcult. I am highly interested in philosophy, which would be an field worth to pursuit as an interest. I thought about applying for philosophy grad school directly, but that would be a sucide mission. After I talked to the department advisor and first-hand experience from my first philosophy class, I know that I need to build a good foundation from sratch. High-level undergrad course is a good place to begin with and I can read the textbook of the low-level by myself. SFU offers post baccalaureate program for student with a bachelor degree. This program which lets you take any undergrad courses or even some grad course as you like. The only problem is that there is no information on how to apply for this program on the university website. I have been kicking like a human ball among the advisors of the registration office, the arts office and the philosophy office hunting for the answer. Hopefully I will land on the one advisor who knows the process at the end of the beauacracy chain.

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