I am checking out volunteering oppertunities in Burnaby and Vancouver today. Pat complains I am not “good” enough because I am not doing any volunteering work. From my previous forced volunteering in highschool, I have really bad experience. Under my impression, most of the volunteering work are mostly boring or out right dumb. In the highschool, the only reason to volunteer is to get the credit. Ok, maybe including learning whatever skills, work experience to write on the resume or simply want to know girls. Now when I am old enough, I give a thought on the question on why volunteer again. I found all the external rewards are not the primary reason, nor out of charity, which doesn’t justify the effort comparing to donation. The sole reason is that I want to make a difference. Browsed through all the volunteering position in govolunteer.ca, I filter out all positions related to first, old folks, who are boring, second, fund raising or back office works, which is dumb. I like jobs in tutoring small kids maths or sciences. I especially like the mentor program for gifted children on special topics. Kinda like big brother, just that the kids seems to have better potential. Other than that, servicing in the board of non-profit organization looks fun, but I am afraid I am too green for that. I will look more closely into volunteering after things settle down a bit, my goal is spend 3 hours per week to change the world one small step at a time.

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