Goodbye laptop

I finally have to say farewell to my old laptop, it is the first laptop I ever owned. It is given to me on my first day of work. It had worked trustfully for 5 years and it is time for it to retire. The company is moving everyone to critix, which is a windows thin-cilent, instead of giving each engineer a PC. The CS guy come by my desk and took it away. It maybe donated to poor school kids or simply go to trash. I wonder how useful a 5 years old PC to a school kid. It can’t even run smoothly anymore. I don’t really miss the laptop every much, it is a piece of crap anyways. The battery is long dead, it is only used as an extra screen for email and as a mp3 player. I did an upgrade to the laptop a few years ago to make it more usable. It is probably the only older model laptop with 512MB of RAM. I got the extra memory from the laptops of people who left the company. I swap out the memory a screwdriver, before the CS guys reclaim the laptop from the empty cubicle. I am looking into buying a cheap laptop for myself. Yes, it is convinient to have a laptop but I don’t really need one.

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  1. Citrix terminal is the dummest piece of equipment I’ve ever encountered. No wonder it’s called a dumm terminal!

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