Moving out

I have been thinking about moving out of my current place for a while. The location is very inconvinient and quite far away from anywhere except work. With luck, I found an apartment rental near Joyce station, where is much closer to Pat’s place. The place is smaller, only 500 square feet, and it is a bit more expensive. However, it is at the 20th floor facing east in a 5 years old building. I can’t use all the empty spaces in my current place anyways. Since it matches all my criteria, I signed the rental contract right away. I am going to move in the last week of feburary. I having to find a moving company, since I have too many stuffs to move by renting an U-haul. I just started packing my stuff today, started with putting my toys in the display cabinate back to their boxes. Somehow I think I have encoutered a spiritual experience, I found inner peace with an empty minds when I am boxing my toys. I am also checking out the Ikea catalog. I know I need an extra bookshelf for sure. I may buy a few more pieces of furnitures if I come across something I like. Maybe a reading chair, another display cabinate and clothing drawers.

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