New (old) project

Finally I my at work holidays comes to the end. Since my previous project was finished, I have been idling for a few weeks waiting for the new project assignment. I am officially joining a new project today and assigned new tasks. It is glad to have something to work on, I am actually eager to do some work. To be exact, I don’t realy mind getting paid with no output, but the fact is there is no free lunch in the world. If I want to get promoted and a raise, I have to deliver good performance. The new project is the new generation chip of the SONET old product line. I have been working in this product line for 3 years and hate to go back. My previous project on VoIP processor is way more interesting, and because of that I did really well on my performance evaluation. I tried my best to get off the hook, but unfortunately it is the only project in the deparment approved at this time. Plus, I am probably the only one left in the company know about the old testbench. I was quite upset about this project assignment when I first hear about it last week. But after talking to my boss and his boss, I learn to look at it more positively. Althought I havn’t got my promotion in this round, but I have more responsibility in the new project. I am no longer the script monkey at the bottom. I involve in not only planning the verification, but also determining the trade off between different approaches. This project only last half a year, I will try to give my best and see what comes out. If I don’t get my promotion after doing another good job, I know it is time to quit PMC. This plan should line up well with my plan to get my P.Eng.

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