Eygpt ship accident on the news

Today, the header line of most of the newspaper is the ship accident in Egypt. More than a thousand people had died. This kind of accident happens once in a while in developing countries lacks of proper safety regulations. It is unfortunate, but this news doesn’t deserve being on the headline in Canada. It is just a single event happened in a far away country. The incident has no impact on our life, nor we can do anything to help. Maybe it will make us sympathy the victims and give donations. But if the systematic failure is not fixed, this type of accident will repeat again. The newspapers only use this disasters to catch eye balls by the large number of death. Every day, more than this number of death in Africa or Mideast are ignored, only because theese deaths are not news-worthy. I am disappointed on Newspapers these days that only care about their profit, and forget the mission of making the world a better place. Only a piece of news have impact on us, or we can impact on, worth to be on the headline.

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