A story from homily

I heard a meaningful story in the homily in the mass today. It is like this. There is a man goes to a tailor to custom make a suit. The tailor is very talented but not skillful, as a result the suit doesn’t fit him well, depise having very nice style. The pant is just too tight. He can’t walk comfortably. The tailor offered him discount for the suit and plead that he will lose money if the man don’t buy the suit. The man is too nice to refuse the tailor and end up with a unfit yet stylish suit walking out the door. Because of the suit is unfortable, the man walks funny. On his way home, he passed by a park where two man are hanging around. One of the man notice this guy with a new suit and says to the his friend, “I feel really sorry for that cripple.” His friend answer him, “Yes, but he got a really nice suit.” The morale of this story is that if you don’t fit something, don’t force yourself to fit in. Even if you are forced in and have a good result, you won’t get the credit for being good. People will only notice the one changes you, but not the true self of you.

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