Ping pong racquet

Don went back to HK for vacation and I asked him to buy a ping pong racquet as he is going to buy one himself. The racquets at work are very crappy. They are the cheapest ping pong racquet I ever seen. A piece of foam glued on the wooden paddle, it doesn’t even have a proper rubber surface. When hitting the ball using that racquet, you hear a funny sound. The racquet I got is a very deal, only CAD$10. It is an entry level double happeniess brand and come with two ping pong balls. I used to own a ping pong racquet when I am small. I think I can play better with my racquet now. Often, I am confused about what is the correct name of this game, table tennis or ping pong. Table tennis is the official name only because ping pong is a registered trademark owned by Parker Brothers, the owner of Monoploy.

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