Black Out in Cypress

Today is the first day in the weekend with sunshine for the past 2 months. Out of various reasons, I didn’t ski at all in January. So I can’t let this good day to ski slipped by. I was thinking about going to Whistler or Cypress. Whistler has 50% discount on all lessons this weekend, but I don’t want to drive 2 hours to Whistler alone, so I went to Cypress instead. We have lots of snow dump last week, the snow condition is really good. Unfortunately, after I have my first run, there was a power failure in BC Hydro and the whole mountain is out of electricity. It took them almost an hour to get the backup generator running. I am glad that at least I am not yet on the chair when the lift stops, I feel sorry for those who got hanged in mid air for an hour. The lift resume at the time for ski lessons, so I don’t have to waste the lesson voucher. I didn’t take any ski lessons for 2 years, I found that my skill deterioted as my bad habits come back. In today’s lesson, the instructor reminds me on the proper techniques and I feel more comfortable skiing on black diamond runs now.

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