Tighter schedule

In my new project, what I had worried about has came true. As I expected, this product family is cursed. When all you heard from the managers is reuse, you know it’s a crappy project that kill your creativity and innovation. The original schedule is finish the chip in 6 months, which is quite tight but still acceptable. Now, the marketing guys want us to get it done in 4 months, so they can sign the deal with Nortel. Which means the decision is to sacrifice quality for speed. Before the chip is even taped-out, we already plan for rev B. Some less important features will not be verified, and all the devleopment work in the testbench is axed. What’s left to do in verification is script monkey’s work. Think about the positive side, I can escape from this project 2 months earlier if things line up properly. Hopefully I don’t have to work in rev B of this chip. I can imagine rev B will be even more nasty, just thinking about all the corners we cut in rev A.

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  1. Sounds familiar =) Engineering blames marketing of promising unrealistic schedules, marketing then blames engineering of bad quality. Customer blames the company of not meeting the requirements. Everyone is unhappy. Who’s fault is it? Marketing.

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