Ski craving

Yesterday, two seperate group of people asked me to go Whistler, the first group are friends from work and the second group are my cousins. Unfortunately, I was booked by Pat well in advance, and end up staying in door all day. Since the nice weather outside and the fact that I still have three Whislter pass. I carved to go to skiing so much that I go to Whislter alone today. The driving is not too bad, I left home at 6:30a and arrived at 8:15a. I didn’t stop by McDonald’s on my way and found out half an hour earlier makes a big difference. The mountain is empty when I have my first run. I always wanted to take skiing lessons in Whistler, but none of my friends are interested. They don’t want to improve their skills. They only want to zoom down the mountain in high speed. Whistler has ski lesson promotion this week, it only cost $40 for a full day lessons. What a good deal! I don’t have to wait in line at the chair lifts and tables are resevered for the ski school in the cafeteria in lunch time. The lesson in Whistler is much better than in Cypress. I took level 5 today, which is much toughter than level 6 in Cypress. The instructor teaches us lots of drills to make us ski properly, then he took us down on black diamond runs. With the explaination, I found black diamond runs is not as hard as I thought, I can manage to come down smoothly. Althought my knees and legs muscles really hurt because of the up and down motions. The class is done at 3p and I don’t have any energy left to ski more. So I left Whistler at 3:30p after getting change. Driving back home is not as relaxing as driving in, but since there was still lights, it’s not too bad. I can’t think about the pain and sour my muscles will have tomorrow morning. Gota sleep early tonight.

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