Today it is the tape out party of my project. The whole team went into Whistler to play snowmobile. We gathered early in the morning at the office, then waited for the bus to pick us up. On my way there, I fell asleep half the way. Althought the bus came late, we were able to arrive on time for our scheduled slot. The snowmobile trail is quite far away from the ski area, it is located in a different mountain. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to ride a fast snowmobile nor joined the group went to terran park doing jumps. All my group did is driving in the trails back and forth. The guide slows down too much and I can’t full throttle the gas often. On average our group goes about 30-40km per her, while the fast group goes up to 60km per her. The highlight of the day is racing on a frozen lake, able to drive up to 60km/hr, but we only did it once. Overall, it is a good experience, but it could be better. Before we head back to Vancouver, we went to pub and have some beers and nachos. I am half drunk before going on the bus and have one more beer on the way. We had lots of fun on the bus ride. We played poker using candies as chips and Calvin bought a karaoke machine! Oh well, everyone have to sing and take turns torture the rest of the team. Some of us went to dinner together after the event, too bad that the dinner is not covered by the company. The snowmobile trip including lunch, bus ride and beer cost over $200 per head. It is definitely the best tape-out party I had in PMC.

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